LifeForce Healing

"In LifeForce energies I resonate your essential divine perfection to you to enable you to remember the beauty of who you truly are. This is of itself deeply healing and is a core element of transforming with the assistance of LifeForce."

•  Do you remember how it feels to create what you want in your life?
•  Would you like to be revitalized and regain your peak health and performance?
•  Do you want Balance and Inner Peace in your life?  

LifeForce is a unique blend of metaphysical, celestial, ancient, and shamanic energies. With LifeForce Healing obstacles that hold you back in your life are cleared; elements that have become depleted are regenerated; aspects that no longer serve you are transformed; and your natural vitality is restored so that you can transcend the painful nitty-gritty of life.   These unique transmissions of rejuvenating LifeForce energies can help you to embrace your world. 

Just as a personal trainer diagnoses and carefully tailors a physical regime to increase the wellbeing of their client, as a personal healer and spiritual guide, I transmit LifeForce energies that work with frequencies, rhythms and tones emanating from Source. I direct these life-enhancing energies to you to support you in your life.  

Here are some of the characteristics of LifeForce Healing, and some of the reasons why LifeForce Healing is so transformational:
-  From the start, you are seen from a place of perfection, without judgment.  
-  You are able to evolve naturally, seamlessly, painlessly, and easily because  
    LifeForce works at a pace that is exactly right for you. 
-  LifeForce charges, repairs and balances your entire physical and metaphysical
    being. Your intention and desire to change empowers you to do so.  It is your
    innate wisdom that informs the direction that your healing takes.  
-   LifeForce facilitates a holistic healing tailored to your needs by you.
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‘‘There is nothing in this world that hasn’t         nourished our growth in one way or another’                          ~ Sri Mata Amritanandamayi
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