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Neurofeedback Session

NeurOptimal® is a totally non-invasive form of neurofeedback that simply allows the brain itself to make new choices.  The advanced computer technology it uses mirrors to the brain what it has just done and where it is encountering difficulty, through auditory information. It allows the brain to reorganize itself naturally in a more efficient way. 

Even though you are allowing the NeurOptimal® system to give you EEG bio-feedback, you are always the master of your own session and therefore your own transformation, and as you initiate change and make choices, your needs, desires for, and resourcing of the information available to you effortlessly shifts through the responsive and flexible neurofeedback technology.  

The shifts you will experience are profound and permanent.  

You can improve your brain’s functioning without lifting a finger!!  How? 

You are transported to a deep, often meditative, state of relaxation as the      30-45 minute session seamlessly unfolds.Using EEG bio-feedback, NeurOptimal® takes advantage of the body’s own organizing principle, naturally programmed in infinite wisdom, to take advantage of an opportunity for safe, profound and effortless change. 

A few sensors tell NeurOptimal® what pathways you are utilizing in your
brain while you relax in a comfy chair listening to music.  Breaks in the
music that you will be listening to through headphones, picked up from the
sensors, indicate to the brain where you are sitting in old patterns of
behavior and how they are causing you to function below your potential. You will hear this as tiny skips or disturbances to the sound track. These skips mirror back to the brain what it is doing and give it the information it needs to make a different choice, and then to seamlessly evolve itself.  
'Personal transformation can and does have global effects. As we go, so goes the world, for the world is us.'
                                                             ~ Marian Williamson

Sessions Available